Hi, I’m Stuart Brampton…Stu or Stuey. Thank you so much for taking an interest in my work.

I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY, I’m the most happy when I have a camera in my hand and feels like a natural extension of myself, it gives me the ability to express what I see and feel via this amazing medium and of course capture forever some of the most breathtaking scenery I have the absolute fortune to see, wether locally or on my travels!

stueyart-3My inspiration and style is simple, truthful to the scene and judged by wether I’d hang it on the walls of my own home, if the answer is no, then it’s not on this site, simple.

Art has been a passion of mine from a very young age, photography came to me later… mainly due to a previous career in which I wore a shirt and tie, sat in offices and clambered up a near sole destroying splintered career ladder, Photography was my saviour, it took me out into the countryside, gave me a new found relationship with the great outdoors and to some of the most stunning scenery and parts of the world.

I was born in South London, left when I was 15, lived in the Channel Islands (Guernsey) for 5 years and have now settled and made my home on the Devon/Cornwall border, the majority of my work on this site is from the beautifully stunning local Land & Seascape’s that are on my doorstep, as well as my travels from as far away as New Zealand.


How my site works…

Click on the Gallery/Shop, just below the main picture (see below) you’ll see a row of options, so you might like to view “Sunsets” or “My Favourites” to browse these shots, open up the image and the buy options are available above the image…very easy!


Thank you so very much for looking at my work, I hope you enjoy your prints as much as I did photographing them!

Stu 🙂